It’s no surprise that we all want to fit in and feel like we belong in our social circles. Every single girl has insecurities and sometimes we wish we could change things about ourselves. However one of the most amazing things about being a girl is that we all have different qualities that make us unique. Sometimes we forget this and need a little reminder. It’s hard enough to be completely comfortable with ourselves a lot of the time but it’s so much worse when other people are casting judgement on us too.


Unfortunately, in recent years, the way females relate to each other has changed dramatically. The media has been feeding us an unrealistic concept of what we need to be and what we need to look like in order to be accepted as a female; not only this but they’ve made it socially acceptable to criticise anything or anyone that does not fit into their manufactured niche. 


Social media and the internet give people a platform to make harsh comments that they would not say in real life. Sometimes we don’t fully realize the impact of our words and actions from behind a computer screen.


It’s important to remember that our actions can have a very negative impact on other’s lives including feelings of anxiety, low self-esteem, depression, suicidal thoughts, body image issues, abuse of alcohol/drugs and other self-destructive behaviour.





Everyone has or will witness bullying behaviour taking place at some point in their lives, whether they are directly or indirectly involved in an altercation. It’s safe to say no one wants to be victimised by “girl against girl crime”, this includes extortion & exclusion bullying, physical fights, name-calling, threatening behaviour, black-mailing, spreading rumours, telling-tales, vandalising property, malicious gossiping and ignoring.


HERO STARTS WITH HER encourages girls to unite by rejecting bullying behaviour, if you wouldn’t like to be the victim to any of these circumstances then why should we let it be acceptable for other girls to suffer through it? Join us in our stand against bullying by looking out for the girls around you because at the end of the day, we’re all on the same team so girls need to stick together and have each other’s backs.





HERO STARTS WITH HER is here to tackle these obstacles in our way but in order to do that we need your cooperation. Make a stand against bullying by supporting our Everyday-Hero Movement! You can do this in a variety ways:


  • T.H.I.N.K. before you talk or post online! Is it Thoughtful? Is it Honest? Is it Intelligent? Is it Necessary? Is it Kind? If the answer is YES then raise your voice!


  • JOIN Hero Starts With Her's social networks (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) and adopt the social good policy – This means you’ll make a conscious effort to promote positive ideas and posts on your accounts. Tag Hero Starts With Her in anything you feel makes a worthwhile contribution to your life and the lives of others.


  • BE YOU! The internet gives us an incredible power to voice who we are and how we want to represent ourselves. We make the decision everyday to use that voice for good or evil. HERO STARTS WITH HER is reclaiming cyberspace for the better. Do the same and you can turn your Everyday-Hero status into a Super-Hero status by joining in. Take inspiration from the blog(T.H.I.N.K. Tab) on ideas for how to incorporate HERO STARTS WITH HER into your everyday life. 


  • BE REAL. HERO STARTS WITH HER is a movement to prevent and stop bullying however we don’t expect everyone to suddenly become best friends as a result. What Hero Starts With Her is hoping for is a generation of girls that realize the benefits of supporting each other rather than tearing each other down. When girls work together amazing things can be achieved. Let’s stop competing, start appreciating and realize that Hero starts with all of US!